About Earthshot Ventures

Earthshot harnesses the power of the global network our team has built over the last two decades to accelerate climate technology adoption and create iconic brands. The fund is led by Mike Jackson, who has spent 15 years as an entrepreneur and VC in climate tech, and Dawn Lippert, founder and CEO of Elemental Excelerator.

How Do We Invest?

We are experts across climate, covering the biggest carbon sources and sinks: energy, mobility, food systems, industry, and carbon.
We specialize in Seed and Series A stage opportunities, with the flexibility to go earlier or later.
Initial investments typically range from $500K-$2.5M, and we reserve capital to double down on our highest performing companies.

What Do We Look For?

We lean toward software, and we also invest in hardware that creates a step-change improvement over the status quo.
We focus on commercialization and accelerating pathways to market, and we’re less likely to invest in companies with fundamental science risk and long time horizons to deployment.
We look for models that are working in tech that could be applied to climate for rapid impact.

How Do We Help Our Portfolio Companies?

  • We are a people-first firm and apply tailored help at each stage of the founder’s journey. We can lead or follow, and take board seats or not. We listen to what is most helpful, additive, and supportive for each individual company.
  • As a Network Fund, we bring the global network that we have been building over the last two decades to our founders. This means introductions to investors, corporates, policymakers, and potential customers are typically one degree away.
  • We have deep experience working alongside entrepreneurs as they deploy technology with customers, and we can help companies align themselves for project finance and other forms of capital beyond VC to scale.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is part of our DNA - we can help our portfolio companies find resources to source more diverse candidates for open positions and board seats.
  • Mike Jackson has coached over 100 climate tech companies on the art and science of fundraising, and we offer similar support to our portfolio companies as they develop their strategies for follow-on rounds.

Our Name

Our name comes from one of our great teachers, Nainoa Thompson, a master navigator from Hawaii who celebrates the art and skill of ancient navigation. In 2018, he shared what an Earthshot means to him. Spend four minutes with him to hear the story.